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Thursday, 12 April 2012


在家用蓝匙牌的包粉做包子, 成功率是九成九, 妈妈及美媚们, 放手试试看吧!


      温水 - 250g(170g的冷水加80g的热水)Warm water(170g cool water + 80g hot boiling water)
      即发酵母/instant yeast……………1包(11g)(每盒的包粉都附上2包的酵母粉)
      蓝匙牌包粉/Blue Key Pau Flour…500克  (没有包粉,用420克低筋面粉+80克玉米淀粉/ Can replace pau flour with 420g of superfine flour + 80g of corn starch) 
      细砂糖/糖粉/Fine sugar…………60~80克
      豬油或食油或白油/Lard or Shortening/corn oil…………3汤匙   
      双发粉/DoubleAction Baking Powder .... 1汤匙/1Tablespoon
      盐 - 1/4茶匙

1.  先醒酵母: 在搅拌盆内注入温水, 再在温水内加入1汤匙的糖及2汤匙的面粉, 搅拌泡开,再把把酵母粉撒在面粉水的表面上, 再慢慢搅拌后, 等15分钟。To activate the yeast, pour the warm water into a mixing bowl, dissolve 1 tablespoonful of sugar and 2 tablespoonful of pau flour into the warm water, then sprinkle the yeast onto the warm water, stir well, let stand for 15 minutes. 
左图为酵母粉刚溶解在面粉及糖的温水内的状态。        右图显示放置了15分钟的活性酵母,发了很多细泡沫
 注意: 如果酵母粉已经过期了, 则酵母粉会沉淀在杯子底部。水粉分明, 就不可再用了。一定要看到想右图这样的状况, 才可以继续做包子。

2.)把其余的全部材料,加入醒好的酵母混合液,揉成均勻,有光亮及不黏手的柔软面團(大概要20分钟),把面团滚圆, 放进大盆内,蓋好让面团处于30度C的温度下發酵90分钟. Slowly stir in the rest of the ingredients into the activated yeast solution, knead to form a soft dough, Continue to knead for 20 minutes until the dough is shinny and not sticky. Form a dough ball and place it in a large bowl, covered and proof for  90minutes at a warm place (30 degree C).

3).  一个半小时后,把膨胀大约2倍的面团放气, 再轻柔3分钟. Deflate the dough which is more than double in size after one and a half hour later, knead the dough again for 3 miniutes.

 然后把面团滚圆, 再休面10分钟. Round up, and rest for  another 10 minutes.

4)      休面后把面团分成12份,一一滾圓。/Divide into 12 portions and roll up into round ball

5)      壓扁,包入1份餡,約25~30克。包緊。/ Flatten the dough ball and wrap in the filling of your own choice.

    6)墊包子紙,排在蒸籠裡,盖起,置放在溫暖處(炉灶旁)。过了10分钟后才开始在蒸锅内1500~2000cc的开水。蒸鍋内的水燒大滾后(大约10 分钟时间),把包子上籠用中大火蒸12~15分鐘即可, 注意蒸笼盖子要盖紧密,别漏气。/Line the baozi with a piece of baking paper, rest for 15 ~ 20 minutes before steaming with rapid boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes.
小贴士:如果天气冷, 可利用家里的烤箱当发酵箱: 把烤箱预热2分钟, 关掉电源, 在烤箱内置入一大杯的沸水, 把装着面团及加盖的盆子放入烤箱内发酵。 如果杯子内的热水冷了, 取出面团的盆子,再重复预热2分钟的动作,及换过一杯沸水。


  1. 请问可以不要加糖吗?家里有人不能吃糖~谢谢

  2. how to let pau white colour instead of yellowish